The history of Akron and Summit County is vibrant, filled with the drama of opportunity and ingenuity, of extraordinary success and cataclysmic failure, and of persistence and hard work. It is a history of people Connecticut Yankees, southern migrants, immigrants from all over the world, and many other people who came to this area looking for opportunity some of whom left behind artifacts and photographs as records of their accomplishments and experiences. The canal era, potteries, the rubber industry, lighter-than-air flight, trucking industry, marble and toy- making, the All-American Soap Box Derby, the soft drink industry, and many other facets of local history are represented by artifacts and memorabilia.

Although a collaborative effort drawing upon the resources of a number of organizations and individuals, the Summit County Historical Society acts as the organizational head providing its offices and staff to assist the various partners. The current exhibit curator is Bill Cody.

This is a volunteer effort and the hours open to the public are limited. Feel free to stop in and stroll through the exhibits, perhaps to learn about our community, or maybe just to enjoy the memories of past times living here. Seasonal hours are listed below.



Saturday 10 AM to 1 PM

  And During other Lock 3 Events

Admission is FREE
Parking is FREE

For information on Group Tours send an email


We are located at Lock 3 Park, roughly 200 South Main St. in Downtown Akron, beneath the parking deck in space provided by the City of Akron.

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